Welcome to the Kansas City Chapter
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The Turner Syndrome Society of Kansas City (TSSKC) is dedicated to
improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by Turner Syndrome.
We provide public and professional resources for individuals with TS and their families.
We aim to help in the understanding and early diagnosis of Turner Syndrome.
The society provides a forum for those affected by the
condition to become acquainted with others in a similar position.


We received this email request and wanted to pass along the info.
Please complete the survey and help in this important research! Thanks!

My name is Molly Snyder, and I am a genetic counseling student at the
University of South Carolina. I am currently inviting young adult women with
Turner syndrome to participate in a research study as part of my graduate
thesis work. I have received full approval from my university's IRB as well
as from Ms. Cindy Scurlock, the executive director of the TSSUS, and
would greatly appreciate your support in getting the word out
about this research opportunity.  

As part of my research, I am reaching out to young adult women with
Turner syndrome in order to learn more about their transition to adult-centered
healthcare and their familiarity with the resources and support genetic 
counselors can provide. My survey gives women the opportunity to reflect
on the positives of their transition experiences as well as give feedback
regarding what areas they would have liked to have received more support.  
Below is the link to my survey tool on SurveyMonkey. 


The next Children's Mercy Hospital GreatHeighTS Clinic will be on:

Friday, March 4, 2016
9am - 2pm

The clinic is open to all families in the United States.
Assistance with insurance questions and/or authorization is available.
We are eligible for discounted hotel rates through Children's Mercy.

The clinic has now moved to the Endocrinology Clinic
at the Children's Mercy Broadway building.
3100 Broadway Blvd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64111

You should receive a phone call and a letter from Children's confirming
your appointment time.  If you have any additional questions, please
contact Kathy Williams at (816) 960-8800 or krwilliams@cmh.edu
at your convenience. If you have not been seen before in the TS clinic
but would like to, please also contact Kathy and she will arrange a time
with your regular physician. If you are a new to Children's Mercy
Broadway Building, they will assist you with choosing a physician
and setting up a new patient appointment.  

For more information about Children's Mercy Hospital, go to:

Children's Mercy Endocrinology and Diabetes Kansas City

Mark your calendars for the
other 2016 GreatHeighTS Clinics
at Children's Mercy Hospital:

Friday, July 8
Friday, November 11

Chapter Organizational Open Forum
date TBD late January/early February 2016
location TBA

Semi-Annual Chapter Meeting
Saturday, March 5, 2016
location TBA


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